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Contact us by phone or email. In a free and non-binding initial telephone call or video call, we can clarify the rough order and it is possible to get to know each other.

Coaching can take place in my coaching rooms or at your place. I can also offer you online coaching on various data protection-compliant online platforms. Ultimately, coaching is also possible in a hybrid form, i.e. a change between online and face-to-face.

A coaching usually lasts 4-10 sessions of 1.5-2 hours each. I can make you a concrete proposal after a first conversation.

After an initial telephone contact, I will make you an offer. If that appeals to you, we will arrange a first coaching session. Both sides then decide again whether they can imagine further cooperation.

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Find lightness and joy through your heart job and create a life that suits you and your wishes! You don’t have to wait for your next appointment! 

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